Guide for Acne-Prone Skin: Prevent & Keep Acne away!

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We know you’ve read topics like this before, don’t get dismayed, just humor us and keep on reading. At what age did you start having acne? Has your suffering been so long that it’s hard to recall a time when your face didn’t have constellations popping out at every time of the day? Has it gotten worse? Have you left your teen and now you have to rename them to adult acne? What treatment did you try, or will try? What is the next step after reading this article?

Well wrote an article on how to keep your dermis spot free!

Read on!

The first tip that I had ever gotten for how to prevent acne was “Don’t touch your face”.

Thankfully, I was not acne prone growing but did get them in my adulthood due to personal issues. What is the second famous one? I know we have heard of that one. “Do not pop a pimple on your face.” The second is always a big failure, because human beings are well known to be curious creatures, so when we see a forbidden labelled fruit we are told that we can't have it, we want it even more. Scientist call it reactance, it is a mechanism where our brain wants to establish that we're free to do what we please, that includes popping a pimple when we want, even though others might suddenly appear all over our face and ruin our date night.

Whatever famous phrase or advice that we have heard before, I am sure has added some new techniques to the list.

For me, I say try your own DIY, it works for me, check out some of my photos below.

DIY is the way to go.

FIY, I did pop all of my pimples and cleaned them all by myself. I treated them by myself when all else had failed. Don't worry, I will post my secrets one of these days. For now check out for some more tips.

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