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Thanks for stopping by and we welcome you to our site. If you have just started purchasing organic products to benefit your wellness, it's never too early nor too late to start on that journey. And if you have been purchasing organics products for years we thank you for choosing us and we encourage you to stick with us and continue on that loving ongoing relationship with your skin. 

Hebe & Ganymede products are made to benefit everyone's skin type, hair and home.

Dáměilì Skin is a sister branch of Hebe & Ganymede, our organic handmade soaps. Because we know how important your skin is to you, so we strive to bring nothing but the best with our skin care line. Browse through our site and let us know what your skin care regiment is and don’t forget to visit Hebe & Ganymede for some wonderful smelling soaps.


Discover our daily DIY regimen to maintain healthy and younger looking skin throughout the year.




Get to know Dáměilì inside and out


Get to know Dáměilì inside and out

What Does Detoxing Really Mean?

I have heard some say that detox is as much a myth as the Lock Ness Monster, here today gone tomorrow. However, it seems the fad has yet to die down. 

Whether cucumis are being stored for the next day, soaking in water or mannequins clandestinely placed near a pile of legumes or juicers making a come back every season, it's quite difficult not to be dragged into the detox industry. Business Insider stated that Detox Product Market size is expected to reach $69.85 Billion by 2025. Now, that’s quite a bit of penny for just a buzz idea. The mere thought that one can erase past transgressions due to our fast-paced daily regiments and social lives convivial with booze, cigarettes and who knows what else, is indeed a dream. The idea that one can cleanse the gastric system of impurities and leave our organs squeaky clean and ready to re-use is at best debatable. 

Growing up, I was under the impression that detoxing was a negative thing and it wasn’t for me at all. Because, I thought it was a treatment given to people who had an addiction to alcohol and other substance abuse in order to stop them from being addicted. As I get older I learn that detoxing came in many different ways, and it wasn't what I thought it was at all.

Basically, detoxification means cleansing the blood. This process is done by abstaining from or rid the body of toxic or unhealthy substances from the blood in the liver. Also, the body eliminates toxins through the kidneys, intestines, lungs, lymphatic system, and even the skin. It is easier said then done, so below I am sharing with you below how I give my skin a detox. If you do anything new or would love to share your way of detoxing, please don't hesitate to post in our blog and share your recipe.

Thank you for the support and happy browsing.:)

Step 1: Double-Cleanse. Dáměilì Oil Cleanser

​Step 2: Exfoliate (My homemade sugar aloe coffee scrub) 

Step 3: Peeling Mask. …(Honey peel)

Step 4: Hot Steam the Face. ...

Step 5: Do an hydrating Mask. ...

Step 6: Allow the Skin to Breathe. ...

Step 7: Repair Serum

Step 8: Watch what you put into your body. Don't Forget Your Diet.

100% Sustainability

Ready, Set, Stability and Sustainability!!! Some would say knowledge inspires action and by knowing what's in your skincare product every time you purchase it it involves stability in our part, thus by having predictability with your skincare you have security. We work hard at creating safe and healthy products that you can count on. Even our packaging is designed conscientiously, they are great choices from an environmental sustainability point of view because they are organic, and we use as little packaging as possible, our organic linen bath towels are also available as an alternative to cotton towels. We encourage our product users to adhere to our policy of zero waste. Send us your empty bottles for a free gift. We strive to create an environment with consistency that will benefit you, your skin and our planet. 


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