Brightening VS. Whitening VS. Lightening


The Importance of even skin tone

What’s the difference between skin lightening and brightening?

Ingredients that should be in your lightener

Ingredients that should be in your brightener

Type of treatments that are good to use. 

What to do considering lightening or brightening?

There should be no more confusion when it comes to look for a lighten and/ or brighten the skin complexion product. Below are some of our research just for you!




Lightening reduces pigmentation and brightness increases the radiance and luster of the skin. The lightening has to do with the discoloration and evening complexion. Brightening is more about restoring radiance to the skin.




Hydroquinone, kojic acid, arbutin, vitamin C and retinol.





Vitamin C, retinol, alpha and beta hydroxy acids.




All the above ingredients are solutions for both lightening and brightening problems. Another method is peeling, peeling helps the production of collagen. The skin will peel and even out the complexion. Peeling, AHA and retinol will reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Repetitive peeling can also help diminish pore size, treat and prevent acne.



Sunscreen is important for the skin.It protects the skin against UV rays. The sun causes a loss of brightness and increases the dullness. And the sun's harmful rays can cause increased discoloration, so Sunscreen helps prevent discoloration and dark spots caused by the sun, helping you maintain a smoother, more even complexion.